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Prove Your Wage Loss Claim

If you were injured in a Bellevue car or motorcycle accident and missed time from work, you have the legal right to recover your lost wages from the insurance company. This includes vacation time or paid time off (PTO) that you were forced to use. The at fault driver who caused the Bellevue car or motorcycle accident is on the hook to compensate you.

There are two elements required to prove that your Bellevue car or motorcycle accident injuries are the reason you missed work and have a wage loss claim.

Your Doctor’s Opinion

The first element is that your doctor must prescribe your time off from work. You must go to the doctor and get examined for your injuries and symptoms you allege were caused by the Bellevue car or motorcycle accident. You must explain to your doctor what you do for work and if your injuries interfere with your ability to complete your work duties, or if your work duties cause you pain. Your doctor will then tell you not to work for a specific number of days until they have the opportunity to re-examine you and clear you to go back to work.

Employer Verification

The second element is that you must actually not go to work. Your employer must complete a wage loss verification form that outlines your position, duties, rate of pay, and days missed from work. This documentation should be obtained as soon as possible after returning to work.

Although the above seems straightforward, difficult issues about wage loss claims may arise where the person injured in a Bellevue car or motorcycle accident is self employed, has periodic wage loss, loses out on overtime/fringe benefits, or the injured person is paid under the table.

This is a general guideline to prove your wage loss claim. Banks Law Office – personal injury attorney Bellevue – has the experience to gather the necessary documentation to recover your lost wages that resulted from being injured in a Bellevue car or motorcycle accident.

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