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E-DUI Law Will Make You Pay For Using Your Phone While In Your Car, Even If You’re Stopped.

No Hand-Held Cell Phone Use While Driving

  • Even when stopped in traffic or at a traffic light
  • No typing messages or accessing information
  • No watching videos or using cameras


  • First E-DUI: $136
  • Second E-DUI (within five years): $234
  • All violations will be available to your insurance company and may lead to rate increases

You CAN Use Your Device If You Are:

  • Hands-free (such as using Bluetooth) and can start use by a single touch or swipe without holding the phone
  • Parked or out-of-the-flow of traffic
  • Starting your GPS or music before you drive
  • Contacting emergency services

Dangerously Distracted

You can also get a $99 ticket for other types of distractions such as grooming, smoking, eating, or reading if the activity interferes with safe driving, and you are pulled over for another traffic offense.


  • Fatalities from distracted driving increased 32 percent from 2014 to 2015 in Washington.
  • 71 percent of distracted drivers engage in the most dangerous distraction, cell phone use behind the wheel
  • One out of four crashes involves cell phone use just prior to the crash.

Police in Bellevue will have a new reason to pull you over starting this Sunday, July 23rd. It will be against the law for Washington drivers to use hand-held electronics while they are driving. A Driving Under the Influence of Electronics ticket, an E-DUI, will cost more than before, they will go on your record, and they will be reported to your insurance.

Texting or holding a phone to your ear while driving is already illegal in Washington state, and the new law expands the distracted driving law to outlaw handling a phone behind the wheel for any reason, even when stopped in traffic or at a red light.

To read the actual language of the law, click here: RCW 46.61.668

To learn more about your rights,  contact Bellevue DUI attorney James Banks for a free consultation.

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