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Representing victims of corporate and government abuse and discrimination

We Are Your Voice

We are a voice for people who have been mistreated at work. Discrimination starts with your gut feeling that you are being treated unfairly by your employer. This is one of the worst forms of injustice. We work hard on your behalf to eradicate discrimination from the workplace and to recover fair compensation for the wrongs you’ve suffered.  

We are trial lawyers representing victims of corporate and government abuse and discrimination. Our clients are workers who are whistleblowers, persons of color, persons who speak with accents, women, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ workers, older workers, and persons who have been fired for exercising their rights.

Your Work Is Who You Are

Your work is who you are and your damages are very real. We take these cases very seriously and fight on your behalf to hold your employer accountable for their wrongful actions.

We help people who have suffered an injustice in their employment  because of: 

Sexual harassment
Racial harassment

We help people who have suffered employment discrimination on the basis of: 

National origin
Failure to pay wages and overtime

Unlawful Conduct by Employers 

It is against the law for an employer to refuse to hire any person, discharging or barring any person from employment, discriminating against any person in compensation or other terms or conditions of employment, or making pre-employment statements or inquiries that tend to discriminate on the basis of any protected classification.

What Does “At Will” Mean? 

Washington is an “at-will” state so unless you have a contract for a specified period of time or other enforceable promise, you can be terminated for no reason or for any reason, so long as your termination is not motivated by an unlawful reason. We investigate the facts to make sure that your rights and remedies are protected, and we frequently find that there has been a wrongful basis for the employment action against our clients. There are strict time limitations for filing a charge and bringing a claim. Call us for a consultation to protect your employment rights and future career development.

For more information about employment discrimination, we encourage you to review the following sites: 

United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – race, color, national origin, age, gender, disability, discrimination against Veterans (180 day or 300 day time limit)

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries – Unequal Pay, Overtime Pay, Industrial Insurance (workers compensation), Unfair Labor Practices, Industrial Safety and Health (30 day time limit for some complaints)

United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA – Safety in the Workplace, Whistleblower Protection and more)

United States Department of Labor – Wage and Hour violations, Overtime, Unfair Labor Practices, ERISA benefit violations, Federal Contractor discrimination against employees or recipients of services, Discrimination against Veterans

United States Department of Education – Discrimination against employees or Students in Education

Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction – Discrimination in Education and Abuse of Students by Teachers

United States Fair Labor Standards Administration – Fair treatment of employees and unions in employment and bargaining and grievance related matters

Washington Public Employee Relations Commission – unfair treatment of public employees by employers and unions